Use your favourite map or GPS to get to Stormy Lake by using “Journey’s End Trail, Highlands East“. The cottage is directly off Journey’s End Trail. The address and key code will be forwarded via text message once your booking has been fully paid.

We recommend winding your way through the backroads and avoiding traffic. We’ve been coming here since ’86 and have tried almost every possible way to get here. The backroads only add approx 15min to your journey. Follow this path…
– Lakeridge Rd. North / Hwy 23 [from the 401 or 407]
– Sunderland [Kelly’s Fish & Chips or Crusty’s Pizza]
– Lindsay
– Fenelon Falls [stop at the locks, get an ice cream at Slices N’ Scoops]
– Kinmount [Farmers Market Saturdays 9:00am – 2:00pm]


Check In & Check Out

Key Lockbox



Electrical Panel in Main Bedroom



Locate Breakers #7, 9 & 11



On Check-In Turn These On
a.) #11 Water Pump
b.) #7 & #9 Hot Water Tank


Turn Them Off on Check-Out

(Why you ask ? In case of a pump or hot water failure these would cause significant damage while nobody was on the premises. We turn them off to avoid this situation.)


Behind the door:
Extra Key
Shopping Bags

Cabinet in Main Room:
Plates, Bowls & Glasses
Pet Food Bowls